The Advantages of Laser Gum Surgery

Although preventable through proper oral hygiene, gum disease affects millions of Americans every year. Many suffer from this disease without even realizing it. It may not seem like a big deal at first, but when left untreated, the effects of periodontal disease become quite serious. In some cases, surgery to remove the diseased parts of the gum may become necessary. Periodontist Dr. Jonathan Szymanowski may discuss Laser Assisted New Attachment Procedure, also known as LANAP® in Sacramento, CA, if this issue arises. There are many advantages to opting for this treatment, if you qualify.  

No Blades

Since it uses a laser, LANAP® does not require cutting into the gums with blades in order to take out diseased tissue. With blades, it is sometimes necessary to cut through healthy tissue in order to reach the affected area, but this is not the case with a laser. The diseased parts of the gum can be treated without removing or harming the healthy tissue.  

Differentiation Between Healthy and Diseased Tissue

LANAP® not only operates at a frequency that does not harm your bones or teeth, but it can also differentiate between healthy and diseased tissue by looking at the gum color. This advanced technology helps to better access only the areas of your gums that need treatment, without adversely affecting the healthy parts (including bone and teeth).  

Less Pain and Discomfort

Because there are no blades involved and only the diseased tissue is being treated, there is less pain and discomfort associated with LANAP® than other types of gum surgery. There is also a lower risk of complications resulting from the procedure, which means you should be able to get back to normal faster.  

Is LANAP® for You?   

Laser gum surgery can be a good option for patients suffering from moderate to severe periodontal disease. Dr. Szymanowski can sit down with you to review your treatment options and find out if you are a good candidate for LANAP®. To schedule your consultation or learn more about laser gum surgery, call (916) 999-1305.


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