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Dental implants are A permanent solution to teeth loss

Dental Implants in Sacramento, CA

Dental Implants

Campus Commons Periodontics offers the entire range of periodontal treatment including treatment of periodontal (gum) disease, improving smile esthetics, dental implants, a wide range of bone and soft tissue grafting, and surgical services. We prescribe individualized treatment plans for each patient, and we are proud to offer the best in patient care. Campus Commons Periodontics boasts a comfortable environment with the option of sedation to ensure that the experience is as pleasant and pain free as possible.

Research before considering implant surgery

We invite you to read more Dental Implant Information before you consider Teeth Surgery. Dental Implant Cost can vary depending on a lot of factors so it’s important you do your research before considering implant surgery. Implant Supported Dentures and Teeth-in-a-Day offer denture stabilization for patients who are tired of traditional dentures.

Basic Guide to Dental Implants

Missing teeth in adults is actually a common problem that can be caused by disease, injury, or accident. Many adults who require dental prosthetics in these cases come to Dr. Jonathan Szymanowski and Dr. C. Thaddeus Szymanowski for dental implants in Sacramento, CA. When compared to the alternatives, dental implants provide the best long term results for replacing missing teeth in adults. In fact, dental implants can actively prevent complications by promoting bone and tissue stabilization around the implant site. Additionally, many patients prefer dental implants because of their natural look and feel.

Why Choose Dental Implants?

An improvement over the fixed bridge

In the past, patients with a single missing tooth had limited options, most often relying on a fixed bridge. These are still common today but are typically not preferred, since this option can incur an increased risk of complications. In fact, a fixed bridge can sometimes lead to additional missing teeth in adults after just a few years. A fixed bridge relies on adjacent teeth for support, and the grinding and reshaping process can leave these teeth more vulnerable to harmful bacteria. A large percentage of patients with fixed bridges experience the need for a replacement after five to seven years.

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dental implants Campus Commons Periodontics Sacramento, CA

removable dentures do not provide the stimulation to bone and tissue

Removable dentures also pose similar risks. Traditionally, dentures have been used to replace multiple missing teeth in adults. However, patients often report unsatisfactory results because of slippage or discomfort. These issues are caused by a lack of support. Dentures are made to simply rest on top of the gum tissues and are usually held in place by adhesives. Patients are often dissatisfied, as this lack of a strong support system allows for incidents of slippage and can make it difficult to eat or chew food. Additionally, removable dentures do not provide the stimulation to bone and tissue that a natural tooth would. Over time, this allows these areas to deteriorate and alter the fit of the dentures.

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When compared to dentures or fixed bridges, dental implants provide the best long term results when replacing missing teeth in adults. For more information about dental implants in Sacramento, CA, contact Dr. Szymanowski today!