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The Laser Alternative to Traditional Gum Surgery

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Less Pain. Less Discomfort.

There are many nonsurgical and surgical treatments that the periodontist may recommend to treat your gum disease. These recommendations will be made after a comprehensive examination to evaluate the condition of the teeth, gums and jawbone. The goal of periodontal treatment is to stop the progression of periodontal disease before it causes further damage to the gum tissues and bone. Without treatment, it is likely that the periodontal disease will get progressively worse, and it could result in the loss of teeth.

The Laser Alternative to Traditional Gum Surgery.

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Gum Disease and Your Health

Gum disease in Sacramento, CA has been linked to a variety of health complications including heart disease and low birth-weight babies. Until now the majority of the treatment options available were invasive and painful. LANAP in Sacramento, CA is minimally invasive and does not require the cutting or stitching of the gums!

The Laser Alternative to Traditional Gum Surgery.

Millions of Americans are affected by periodontal disease every year. However, many of these patients tend to neglect treatment until the disease worsens and the effects become severe. For patients with a moderate to severe periodontal infection, Dr. Jonathan Szymanowski recommends laser gum surgery in Sacramento, CA. Treatments, such as the Laser Assisted New Attachment Procedure (LANAP®), provide a less invasive surgery option that is more comfortable and less painful than traditional methods. With traditional methods of gum disease treatment blades are used to cut and excise tissue. In order to access the infection, it is necessary to remove some healthy tissue before the infected tissue can be reached. However, with LANAP®, Dr. Szymanowski can treat the diseased portions without harming the healthy areas. This is due to an advanced new technology known as the PerioLase®MVP-7™. This laser is able to operate at a frequency which does not affect teeth or bone. It can also distinguish between healthy and diseased tissue based on color, making it a highly effective tool for the treatment of gum disease. Finally, we can remove infected tissue without harming the bone, teeth, or healthy tissue! LANAP® is a highly developed method of gum disease treatment in Sacramento, CA that has been cleared by the FDA. In order to become certified, dental professionals must undergo a rigorous and extensive training course. Dr. Szymanowski is part of a very select group that has received the proper training and education to perform LANAP®. In fact, many patients and dentists alike consider LANAP® to be the highest quality gum disease treatment available today. With less pain, less discomfort, and less risk of complication, the choice is clear. To learn more about laser gum surgery in Sacramento, CA, contact Dr. Szymanowski and schedule your consultation today!
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