Ways You Can Benefit From Dental Implants

Making the decision to replace your missing teeth is not always an easy one. There are so many things to consider before you can truly feel comfortable and confident about your choice. If you are ready to explore what it is like to have a full mouth of teeth, here are three signs you can benefit from getting dental implants in Sacramento CA.

 ·         You do not enjoy missing your teeth
 ·         You want to regain function
 ·         To improve your smile and appearance

Dental implants are the perfect long-term solution for anyone who is not a fan of choosing traditional dentures to replace their missing teeth in Sacramento CA. The procedure is also suitable for anyone who is interested in having a low-maintenance set of implants instead of fussing over the special care involved with traditional dentures.

Key Benefits of Dental Implants

Many patients who are interested in replacing their missing teeth are not even aware of the extent of benefits that dental implants are able to provide them.

Key benefits include:

 ·         Less pain
 ·         Minimal discomfort
 ·         Immediate results
 ·         Less waiting time
 ·         Can be performed right after tooth extractions

People who have experienced bone loss or bone density loss may not be able to receive implants. In order for dental implants and permanent dentures to be successful, they have to be integrated into the jawbone. The less bone a patient has available to begin with, the more unpredictable the outcome may be. Candidates who meet certain criteria are more likely to achieve optimal results.

People who have dental implants should continue to brush and floss their teeth at least two times a day. They should also see their dentist for regular checkups as well. In addition to establishing good dental hygiene habits, they should limit their consumption of sugary foods and acidic beverages.

Stop walking around with missing teeth and learn how you can get a brand new smile. Call (916) 999-1305 to schedule your consultation with Dr. Szymanowski.


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