What Is Bone Grafting?

If Dr. Szymanowski recommends dental implants to replace your missing teeth, you may also need to undergo bone grafting to ensure a successful and long-lasting outcome. This surgical procedure is common for patients who may not have enough bone tissue to support implants. Here is more information about bone grafting to educate you and take away some of the mystery.

Bone Loss

The jaw and teeth work together to maintain bone density, and when a tooth is lost because of an infection or injury, that relationship can be affected. Without the tooth stimulating the jaw bone and supporting the other teeth, the bone mass around the space left by the tooth can become weak and brittle.  Some patients may also have experienced trauma that affected the contours of the mouth structure, and bone grafting can help reestablish the shape and function of the oral cavity.

Force and Pressure

The bone under the teeth provides the foundation to withstand the amount of power and stress generated by chewing. Without that support, an implant may not be possible. If bone grafting is necessary, it is performed prior to implants to allow time to heal and for the bone to form a strong foundation.  

Bone Sources

Bone grafting is performed by using bone from one source and joining it with the weaker area to increase the mass and promote better function. A bone graft is usually done in one of three ways:

  • Autogenous, where bone from one nonessential area in the patient’s body is removed and surgically combined at the essential location. It does require an additional surgery site.
  • Xenograft, which is bone matter from a nonhuman donor, such as cattle, used for the graft.
  • Allograft, bone samples are used from a donor bone bank for the procedure.

There are pros and cons for each type of graft, and this medical decision is based on a patient’s medical condition, the amount of bone needed, and other factors patients can thoroughly discuss with Dr. Szymanowski. 

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