What Is Gum Disease and How Can LANAP® Help?

Periodontal or gum disease is a common oral health issue that challenges a large percentage of the population. The result of the buildup of plaque, bacteria and tartar over time, gum disease affects not only the gums but also the teeth, tongue, jawbone and the entire functionality of the mouth. It often manifests itself in bad breath, bleeding, especially when you brush or floss, visit the dentist or eat firm foods that cause your gums and teeth to be further inflamed. Along with these symptoms, loose or frail teeth and receding gums can also be early warning indicators of progressive gum disease.

Where Laser Gum Surgery Comes In

The LANAP® protocol is a cutting edge laser procedure that uses the precision and effectiveness of a laser to conduct a type of gum surgery. This procedure has the potential to reduce gum inflammation, redness, tenderness and swelling almost entirely, depending on how far along your gum disease has progressed. LANAP® has the ability to eliminate the tartar, bacteria and plaque that served to cause your periodontal disease in the first place.  

In addition, the technology is able to successfully re-attach any disturbed gum tissue and therefore encourage the mouth to regrow healthy tissues while also restoring the mouth to its original, disease-free state. Because the LANAP® protocol is entirely laser based, it minimizes pain and discomfort throughout the whole state-of-the-art procedure. It is a great new option for those affected by the signs of gum disease.

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