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Dental Implants Are The Permanent Restoration Option

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Implants Promote Overall Jaw Health

Dental Implants in Sacramento, CA

Implants Help Preserve Bone in the Jaw

Traditional procedures pose risks of complications, whereas implants promote overall oral and jaw health. The presence of natural teeth or implants helps to preserve the jaw bone. An extracted or lost tooth can cause the bone to weaken or erode. Once placed, successful implants provide stability and work to maintain jaw health just as natural teeth do.

Dental Implant Cost

Information on Dental Implants for Sacramento, CA

Dental implants offer a wide variety of advantages that alternative solutions do not. When compared to either removable dentures or fixed bridges, dental implants provide the best long term method to replace adult teeth. However, before you can understand why so many patients come to Dr. Jonathan Szymanowski and Dr. C. Thaddeus Szymanowski in Sacramento, CA, for dental implants, you must first have an idea of how the technology works:

The Structure

Dental implants are constructed of three essential components:

• The implant – The implant is made of titanium and is surgically implanted into your jaw bone. Once the bone and titanium become fused together, your implant will be able to function just like a natural tooth.
• The abutment – The abutment is a small metal piece that fits over the implant. It is responsible for holding the crown in place.
• The crown – The crown is made of porcelain and is shaped like the crown portion of a real tooth. It gives your implant a natural appearance.

The Benefits

The unique structure and composition of a dental implant offers patients several benefits that cannot be realized with alternative treatments. The most important of these is the ability to stabilize bone density. In areas where it is necessary to replace adult teeth, bone and tissue deterioration can begin to occur when there is no tooth to interact with. However, because the base of a dental implant is located within the jaw bone, stimulation is provided to maintain proper density.

There are also several other reasons that dental implants are often the best way to replace adult teeth for the long term. Many patients find them comfortable and attractive. Implants also act like real teeth and do not need long term replacement. Finally, their titanium composition is naturally compatible with the body and is impervious to decay. All of these factors combined make dental implants the most desirable way to replace adult teeth.

Dental Implants for Sacramento, CA Patients

If you are suffering from tooth loss and are looking for a way to replace adult teeth, consider dental implants. This technology is the most natural and effective method of long term tooth replacement currently available. In fact, patients who received their implants over two decades ago still report strong results. For more information on how to replace adult teeth, contact Dr. Szymanowski today!