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Implant Supported Dentures in Sacramento, CA

Implant Supported Dentures Keep Your Dentures Secure and In Place

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Permanent Dentures Improve Your Lifestyle

Implant supported dentures are snapped into place on top of dental implants. This provides a secure fit and hold, eliminating looseness or slipping without the need for paste or adhesives.

Implant supported dentures are designed so that they can be removed for regular cleaning, or you can opt for fixed implant supported dentures, which function as permanent teeth.

Implant Dentures Placement

Dentures Supported by Dental Implants for Sacramento, CA Patients

Patients who are missing large numbers of adult teeth are often told that they have to wear a removable denture. These devices, however, can be uncomfortable and cause complications down the road. Luckily, new technology gives us a way to avoid these problems. As a leading provider of dentures supported by dental implants for Sacramento, CA patients, Dr. Jonathan Szymanowski and Dr. C. Thaddeus Szymanowski can give you the comfort and stability of dental implants without sacrificing the convenience of removable dentures. Patients will never again have to choose between dentures or dental implants.


Bar-Retained Dentures

How Do Implant Supported Dentures Work?

 Implant supported dentures are a great option for patients with multiple missing teeth because they combine the best features of dentures and dental implants. An implant supported denture works by attaching a removable denture to a set of dental implants. This is usually accomplished in one of two ways: using a set of clips, or a ball and socket method. While the dental implants will remain permanently attached to the jaw bone, the denture can be removed at any time. This allows for easy cleaning and maintenance.


Ball-Retained Dentures


What Are the Benefits of Implant Supported Dentures?

Patients enjoy implant supported dentures because they offer the convenience of removable dentures along with the stability of dental implants. While traditional dentures can often slip out of place and cause embarrassment or difficulty when eating, this does not occur with implant supported dentures. Dental implants located in the jaw bone hold the dentures steadily in place, giving them a more natural appearance and function. In addition to cosmetic and functional benefits, implant supported dentures also provide necessary stimulation to keep bone density at healthier levels. Traditional dentures do not provide this and can actually cause bone deterioration over time. To learn more about dentures supported by dental implants for Sacramento, CA patients, contact Dr. Szymanowski and schedule your consultation today!